Successful Financing Round for Cera

We are delighted to share that Cera has closed a $70 million financing round. The financing round was led by current investors KairosHQ, us and Guinness Asset Management, alongside a world-renowned multibillion-dollar family office based in New York. This marks an exciting milestone for our portfolio company Cera, demonstrating faith in the Company’s ability to revolutionize the social care sector, … Continued

Biomes – millions for DNA sequencing

Also the digital edition of Handelsblatt picked up the story of yabeo’s investment in Biomes and reported about the Berlin based Startup, its history and products. Please read the full story below: Das Bioinformatik-Start-up analysiert das Mikrobiom im Darm. Mit frischem Kapital soll das Geschäft ausgebaut und die Datenbank selbstlernend werden. Jeder Mensch beherbergt in … Continued

solarisBank is growing massive

Here are some news from our portfolio company solarisBank. The company is growing massive and is going to close a financing round this year. Within the last year, the company doubled their revenues and will try to achieve this growth again in 2020. The company rejects their goal to make profit in 2020 and will … Continued

yabeo invests 2m EUR in Life Science Start-up BIOMES

We are happy to announce that we have invested in the Berlin based Life Science Company Biomes. The company starts well in this new year with closing their pre Series A financing round. Biomes examines bacteria in humans body by using the most up to date biotechnological analyzing methods. The first product was launched in … Continued

yabeo launches Impact Investment Platform

yabeo starts its Impact Platform and invests in Wegatech, a Munich based company changing the way of energy production. As yabeo is known for HealthTech and FinTech investments, the early stage investor adds a second investment pillar with an Impact Investment Platform on its approach. The fund will act independently from the previous Investment fund and … Continued

Versicherungsmanager CLARK ist wachstumsstärkstes Digitalunternehmen in Deutschland

Im Rahmen der feierlichen Preisverleihung am 28. November in Berlin erhält der digitale Versicherungsmanager CLARK den Gründerszene Award 2019 als wachstumsstärkstes Digitalunternehmen. CLARK bedankt sich bei der Start-up-Community mit einer Spendenaktion. Der digitale Versicherungsmanager CLARK ist das wachstumsstärkste Digitalunternehmen 2019 in Deutschland. Zum fünften Mal hat Gründerszene, das Online-Magazin für die digitale Wirtschaft, das am … Continued

TAPP Water closes €1.8m A-round

By the end of 2019 humans will have consumed another 210 billion bottles of water. 75 million households in Europe mainly consume bottled water despite access to drinkable tap water. Ocean, lakes, rivers and now evee n our tap water is contaminated with microplastics. In most countries, recycling rates have stagnated and, even with recycling, … Continued

Clark is pushing international growth

Last week our portfolio company Clark announced its expansion plans. After growing successfully in Germany over the last years, Clark will start its international expansion in Europe by having an App for Austria live beginning of 2020. Austria is only the first international market, other European countries will follow in the future. Please read the … Continued

Erfolgreicher Exit für yabeo – Die Zurich Versicherung übernimmt das Beteiligungsunternehmen Dentolo

Im Sommer 2017 investierte yabeo in das Berliner Startup Dentolo, welches 2015 in Berlin gegründet wurde und eine Vielzahl von Services rund um die Zahnmedizin anbietet, darunter auch ein eigenes digitales Zahnzusatzversicherungsprodukt. Nun konnte das Unternehmen nach gut zwei Jahren erfolgreich verkauft werden. „Seit unserem Einstieg hat Dentolo eine Technologieplattform entwickelt, die Patienten, Ärzte und … Continued

auticon expands and joins forces with the Canadian company Meticulon

auticon, leading global technology employer for autistic professionals, expands worldwide reach and joins forces with Meticulon, Canada’s first technology company focused on employing people with autism Companies unite to leverage deep IT expertise and exceptional cognitive skills of its autistic employees to offer unique service for corporate customers auticon, the award-winning, leading global technology employer … Continued