5 Million Home Visits this Winter to save the NHS £100m
19 October 23
We wanted you to be the first to know that Cera has committed to delivering 5 million in-person patient appointments this winter, to alleviate unprecedented NHS pressures and save the NHS up to £100 million; reducing hospital waiting times, and ensuring more vulnerable people receive the best care possible within the comfort and safety of their own homes.

With NHS waiting lists exceeding 7.75 million people, and almost 13,000 hospital beds a day occupied by patients who are medically fit to be discharged, NHS pressures are record high.

At Cera we are adapting our services to support the Government and NHS this winter, helping to reduce demands at a critical time. Our AI-powered care has been shown to reduce hospitalisation rates by 52%. This frees up beds and supports the reduction of long waiting times, keeping patients out of hospital; receiving safe effective care in the place they feel most comfortable.

Cera’s technology also supports patients in being discharged from hospital to home more rapidly, further reducing pressures and expanding NHS capacity.

With greater focus now being placed on the delivery of effective care at home, it’s clear that increasing demands on the NHS are spurring on an important transition towards digital-led and AI-enabled solutions, which is our speciality.

Our care solution, driven by a combination of AI and data analytics, helps frontline staff do more with less, and keeps patients safely at home. For example, our carers and nurses, equipped with the Cera App, are able to predict deteriorations in health conditions 30x faster than traditional methods, and can anticipate up to 80% of hospitalisations seven days in advance.

We recently launched our AI Falls Prevention Tool able to predict and reduce the incidence of falls by over 20%, and Cera has adopted GPT technology to help double the number of patients we can onboard to our care services. Collectively these AI tools allow us to provide the next generation of care while supporting the NHS.

As Europe’s largest provider of digital-first home healthcare, we are committed to our mission of helping people live longer, healthier lives in their own homes. Your continued support enables us to work towards this mission every day, bringing comfort and reassurance to the most vulnerable in our communities while alleviating NHS pressures.