yabeo launches Impact Investment Platform
12 February 20
yabeo starts its Impact Platform and invests in Wegatech, a Munich based company changing the way of energy production.

As yabeo is known for HealthTech and FinTech investments, the early stage investor adds a second investment pillar with an Impact Investment Platform on its approach. The fund will act independently from the previous Investment fund and will focus exclusively on startups with impact on society or the environment and follow sustainable goals. All investments will be aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN.

With the news of launching the fund we are also proud to share our latest impact investment with you. Wegatech is based in Munich and focusses on a green energy solution by helping real estate owners to become an individual eco power house. Consumers can configure their personal home energy solution containing heat pump technology, solar systems and battery storage online and receive a fixed-price-offer within minutes. Wegatech then installs these projects with their German wide installers network.