blogfoster ( is the leading platform for scalable influencer and blog marketing. blogfoster and its technology connects brands, blogger and influencer - a benefit for both: blogger and influencer get the chance to use their channels (blogs, instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.) to earn money (e.g. by wirting sponsored posts or having marketing cooperations). While brands have access to 10.000 blogs and 22.000 influencer profiles (which focus on 20 different categories, like food, health, lifestyle and family). While using those channels brands and agencies reach more than 40 million active reader and follower with their message.
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Making money with your blog

“Blogger shall earn money with their content – as easy as in online shopping. Each blogger can use Blogfoster to monetarize their blog. The access is easy, the design simple. Blogfoster offers right from the start numerus paying advertiser: Using a What-you-see-is-what-you-get-Interface choosing the campaign and drag it into your blog – that’s the start of earning money.”

Jan Homann
Founder and CEO