Launched in November 2016, Cera is a homecare company that uses digital and artificial intelligence to transform elderly care. Through Cera’s matching algorithm and automated scheduling systems, Cera is able respond to enquiries within the hour, and in 96% of cases start care on the same day when requested. Cera has significantly lower overheads compared to traditional care companies, allowing the company to pay carers up to 50% higher than the industry average, while still offering affordable rates for customers. Cera has received a number of awards including the Most Outstanding Digital Health Innovation of the Year, the LaingBuisson Dementia Care Award, the Best London Home Care Company at the Social Care Awards 2018, Disruptive Leader of the Year and Britain’s Health Startup of the Year.

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Transform the accessibility and affordability of homecare

"Cera's ambition is to transform the accessibility and affordability of homecare for millions of families, all at the touch of a smartphone.“

Dr. Ben Maruthappu
Co-Founder and CEO