Pair Finance

PAIR Finance was founded in 2015 by the well-known FinTech incubator FinLeap and defines debt collection new by making it cooperative. The entire process is purely online and personalized. After an automatized data analysis the recipient is contacted via all important social media channels. The new and innovative approach is based on flexibility instead of pressure, reduces payment defaults and creates satisfied and loyal customers. The cooperative approach uses knowledge of Simply Rational, a company of the Berlin Max-Planck Institute for educational research.
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Debt Collection cooperative

“Each customer has to suffer under payment defaults of others – that’s not fair. Moreover, debt collection processes do not accurately fit to the customer’s individual situation. That is where we change the process. We reduce payment defaults and strengthen customer loyalty for e-commerce companies, online shops and service driven companies. A benefit for each customer, because PAIR Finance combines economic and social aspects in the debt collection process.”

Stephan Stricker
Founder and CEO