solarisBank is a technology platform which is fully licensed with a German banking license. The company combines technology competence and long lasting banking experience. Hence the company covers the bank-as-a-platform (BaaP) needs of the entire digital economy. Each company can individualize the solution to their banking and finance requirements. Since 2015 the Berlin based solarisBank has developed the digitalization of the banking sector with a passionate team of entrepreneurs, banking and developing experts.
  • Fin tech

Banking for the digital economy

„solarisBank is the first banking-platform for digital companies. Established digital companies as well as FinTechs want to offer new and innovative financing services to their customers. Therefore, they need a banking partner, who enables them in a technology and regulatory perfect way to do all this using the same speed as they do. We offer modular banking kits, which are easy to implement per API in their own IT-systems. So our partners can focus on their core business.”

Marko Wenthin
Board Member