Christian Dietsche

Meet Christian

Christian joined yabeo in October 2021 and is co-leading the yabeo Impact fund. Prior to yabeo, Christian worked as a Managing Director at LG Capital, a Swiss venture builder, where he was responsible for a portfolio of five start-ups that he helped fund, build and scale and served on their boards. Prior to that, he served as a CEO of two start-ups: the first he unsuccessfully co-founded and managed, and the second he successfully turned around. Before his operational roles, Christian worked for 7 years in a top-tier strategy consulting firm and graduated from Columbia Business School in New York (MBA) and the University of St.Gallen (BA). He’s married, a father of 2 girls and a boy, and spends his free time (ideally) with his family in the mountains.
The Interview
What makes your job so exciting?

We get to meet the most interesting and ambitious people there are. Most founders we meet are smart, visionary thinkers, driven doers, and, without a doubt, a bit crazy. Working and supporting them throughout a journey, through ups and downs, and playing an​ active role in realizing their visions is the best job in the world.

What do you get back personally when you support founders on their journey?

Probably everybody at yabeo identifies more as an entrepreneur than as an investor – hence, we don’t feel like passengers on a founder’s journey, but more like co-pilots: not in charge, but actively supporting. So, just like the founder’s journey, ours is also immensely dynamic, with many ups and downs, many reasons to celebrate, but also more than enough opportunities to hunker down and fight together. By doing​ this, we have a real impact on people and journeys, and I find that personally very satisfying.

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