Daniel Pflaum

Meet Daniel

Daniel joined the yabeo team as CFO in August 2020 and was appointed as Board Member of yabeo Impact AG in January 2021. In his role as CFO, Daniel oversees Finance, Accounting & Reporting, and Investor Relations, as well as our M&A activity. Beyond this, Daniel also covers existing AdTech and Impact investments in the portfolio. Prior to joining yabeo, Daniel was a Senior Manager at a Big 4, where he led and managed numerous M&A, Valuation, and Due Diligence projects in the Insurance, Asset Management, (Growth) Private Equity, and Startup sectors. Daniel started his career in the Audit department, where he gained extensive accounting  and tax knowledge. Outside of the office, Daniel is a passionate kiteboarder and mountaineer.
The Interview
What fascinates you about the VC Investment Business?

Venture Capital has a very entrepreneurial culture and a pronounced hands-on mentality. You work mostly with young, creative and motivated people, can observe how organizations develop quickly (both positively and negatively) and keep your finger on the pulse of our times.

What technological invention would you personally like to see the most?

Recent events have shown once again that climate change is a reality, and that this development is accelerating rapidly. The consequences affect all living beings in many different ways. Here, a lot has happened in people’s consciousness in recent months, and the topic is very high on the social agenda...essential evolutionary steps of mankind. However, I ask myself whether this is enough; a sober look at the available numbers doesn't exactly boost my optimism. So I'd like to see (technological) solutions that counteract climate change in particular and help us to live in a resource-conserving and sustainable way.

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