Dr. Fei Tian

Meet Fei

Fei started working for yabeo in October 2021 and focuses on the Digital Health and DeepTech space. Prior to working at yabeo, Fei most recently worked as Principal at Vesalius Biocapital, a life science venture capital firm, where she focused on investment opportunities in biotech, medtech, diagnostic and digital health innovations in Europe. Prior to her career at Vesalius Biocapital, Fei was an analyst at Novumed Life Science Consulting & Advisory (Ernst & Young), where she worked on market insights research and business development strategy consulting for global clients. Fei began her career as a physician in emergency medicine. She completed medical school at Shanghai Tongji University, PR China, and pursued her interest in pulmonary oncology research for her scientific doctoral degree for a PhD at the Ludwig-Maximilian University and Thoracic Oncology Center in Munich. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, art & design as well as traveling.
The Interview
What was your personal motivation for joining yabeo?

I wanted to work with truly disruptive technologies and solutions in the digital health and deep tech sector that are able to serve the unmet needs of the various stakeholders in the healthcare system. Further, to foster collaboration among brilliant people with expertise in digital technology, medicine, business and strategy. And lastly, to work together with passionate founders in technology and clinical development as well as international commercial growth, aiming to build sustainable, innovative companies that can transform the lives of patients.

What are the personal traits of a successful founder?

He or she is passionate, persistent, vision-driven, focused, responsible, open, and likes to have fun.

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