Dr. Ing. Heinrich Zetlmayer
General Partner - Emerging Tech Fund

Meet Heinrich

Heinrich Zetlmayer is the founder, CEO and managing partner of BVV. His journey with BVV started at the launch of Lykke Corporation; the global trading platform based on blockchain technology. Heinrich saw a need for investment in blockchain activity in the market, and with Lykke and his partners, he set out to create BVV. Heinrich has a unique wealth of experience as the previous Vice President of IBM, Co-CEO of ESL, and an active member of the board in Lykke. Combined with a creative and open mind, and a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Heinrich has successfully completed many turnarounds of venture capital backed startups and has first-hand knowledge of what makes these projects succeed and what makes them fail. Heinrich’s background and expertise give his clients a unique view of blockchain and other emerging technologies that they will not encounter elsewhere in the industry.
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