Samuel Schuler

Meet Samuel

Samuel joined the yabeo team as a Principal in July 2019. Since the end of 2022 he is one of the Partners at yabeo. He combines his unique finance expertise with deep curiosity for new technologies to lead investments in the fintech and insurtech space. Prior to yabeo, he was an Investment Director at Allianz X, where he led and managed major portfolio investments and digital corporate initiatives at Allianz. Before beginning his investing career, Samuel took the position of Director Strategy & Investments at Bertelsmann, overseeing their book publishing unit. Samuel started his finance career in various roles at technology group Schaeffler across Europe and China, focusing on growth investments and major financings. Samuel holds master’s degrees from University of St. Gallen and CEMS in International Management. In his spare time, he likes travelling, the arts, dining, and all kinds of sports.
The Interview
What do you find fascinating about working with founders?

On the one hand, it's the variety of topics where we support founders and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, I'm fascinated by the directness with which ideas are put into practice, and the pragmatic way in which solutions are developed for customers. Of course, startup founders also have to have done their homework, which means they have to understand the market, e.g., and their product has to function technologically. But if this is given, they don’t keep researching and hesitating - they just do it.

What inspired you to move into the VC investment space?

What could be more exciting than venture capital? The speed and intensity with which teams work together to make companies successful. Over the course of my career, the companies have become smaller and smaller, i.e. from multi-national family-run conglomerates now to start-ups, where companies are only just being created. However, conglomerates and start-ups are also becoming more and more alike, which means that my expertise and network from working in conglomerates are becoming more and more relevant for the startups.

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