Sara Böcking
Investment Associate

Meet Sara

Sara joined Yabeo in May 2022 and is part of the yabeo Impact Fund. Previously, she worked for several years at a top-tier strategy consultancy, where she built a broad portfolio of project experience. Her main focus was on developing Growth Strategies and the commercial side of M&A processes, predominantly with a focus on sustainability and transportation, supporting strategic and financial investors in buy-and-build strategies, and finding the right strategic direction for newly acquired companies. Sara completed a BSc from Maastricht University SBE and holds an MSc in International Management from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, as well as the CEMS Master in Management. Given her profound interest in Latin America and its unique challenges, as well as her love for the Spanish Language, she completed her Bachelor’s exchange in Lima, Peru, and her Master/CEMS semester abroad in Santiago de Chile. In her free time, she enjoys anything active and can be more often than not be found in the mountains or on her bike.
The Interview
What are your three most used apps?
  • Outlook/Zoom/Whatsapp: professionally, VC is very much about connecting with people, exchanging ideas and insights, and updating on the status of companies, founders, and deals. Personally, I thrive on human connection and have friends all over the world whom​ I get to stay in contact with through these apps.

  • Blinkist & Audible: I spend a considerable amount of time commuting and traveling and I love the convenience of Blinkist and Audible to use this time to soak up knowledge and to dive deeper into topics that fascinate me (currently: Climate Change and Psychology).

  • BEAT81: A startup that offers workout classes in locations all around town with a 45min workout format, where the goal is to beat 81% of the maximum heart rate at all times. Participants’ heart rates are tracked through a sensor and a big screen and instructors push you individually based on your heart rate performance. Given my hectic schedule and my love for high-intensity sports, I appreciate the flexibility of the different workout times and formats offered and you can find me at one of the classes at least 5x a week

What technological invention would you personally like to see the most?

Nothing that has not been invented yet but given the current path of our earth and the state of the climate crisis, my biggest wish would be more efficient (cost and energy) carbon capture technologies that help us in reversing the climate change that we as humans have inflicted on our earth. It’s fascinating what has been achieved so far but there is still tremendous progress to be achieved in order to reach the 1.5-degree​ goal set and maintain a life as we know it.

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