Saskia Becker

Meet Saskia

Saskia joined the yabeo team in December 2017. As Managing Director, she is responsible for our current impact portfolio as well as for finding new, exciting deals with a social and environmental impact. Saskia feels right at home in the world of startups, because before joining yabeo she worked for several startups and founded one herself. Having formerly served as Director of Finance & Product Portfolio at MIFLORA, Saskia knows exactly what investors expect from their startups in terms of accounting and controlling. Saskia studied in Mannheim, Lugano, and Sydney. Besides work, Saskia likes traveling with friends, skiing and yoga. She also loves the Alps and Italy.
The Interview
What do you get back personally when you support founders on their journey?

It’s exciting to accompany and support founders in building up their own company and realizing their visions. We are a very active investor, and it's not just a professional but also a personal success when projects we work on together are successful, targets are jointly achieved, and the companies grow sustainably. The close connection to the founders is what distinguishes yabeo and also generates the personal rewards. It's very exciting to work closely with different founding personalities and to help advance their innovative ideas.

Which of your colleagues inspires you the most?

Susanne: As the heart of yabeo, she's always upbeat and helpful while juggling 1000 different topics.

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