CeraCare creates 1,500 new jobs
30 September 20
we’re excited to announce that Cera is expanding to Scotland by opening 12 sites across the country and creating 1500 jobs. This expansion is accelerated by our recent acquisition of Mears Scotland.
  • Cera’s care network now covers all of Great Britain
  • We’re delivering over 500,000 care visits a month: a new care session every 5 seconds!
  • Cera now ranks in the top 10 care companies nationally by size, of nearly 10,000 home care providers

During the Covid-19 pandemic over 900,000 people in Scotland have been helped by the furlough and self-employment support schemes. Recent changes to the jobs retention scheme has increased uncertainty around job stability. Women in Scotland have been particularly affected by unemployment, with a proportional increase of 51.3% over the year, compared to a 15.7% rise for men. Given the high percentage of women attracted to a career in care due to the flexibility offered, we are confident that the job roles available come at an important time.

“Ultimately, we want to provide as many people as possible with access to our care-technology. We had set ourselves the aim of establishing a national footprint in Scotland earlier this year; this expansion & acquisition marks a huge achievement for everyone at Cera Care. The infrastructure and talent we have been able to attract as a result of this deal provides us with an ideal platform from which to continue our growth in Scotland and the rest of the UK.”

Ranpreet Grewal

Finance Director at Cera Care

We see this as another step forward in our ambition to revolutionise social care and lead the use of AI at scale in the sector, bringing modern, digital-first care to thousands of families nationwide, in an affordable and accessible way, allowing our customers to age healthily and to live their best lives in their own homes.