solarisBank - Growth and Financing Round
20 February 20
based on a Handelsblatt article, that was published yesterday, we would like to give you some insights in the development of our portfolio company solarisBank.

The company is growing rapidly and doubled their revenues in 2019 compared to 2018. Last year the company achieved 15m € in revenues and will try to double revenues in 2020 again. Moreover, the aim to gain profit in 2020 is rejected as the company will focus on growth and therefore necessary investments. Achieving profit will be postponed to 2022 or 2023.

The company is planning a financing round in 2020 as well. As solarisBank is well funded and has several famous investors on board, funding is needed to grow the company even further. As CFO Thom Rasser explained, it is not their primary goal to achieve the unicorn status, its is more about having good products and happy customers.

yabeo is supporting solaris in reaching their aim to close the financing round in 2020.

Please find the Handelsbank article here.