yabeo Impact Platform
12 February 20
we are glad to share one of our well kept secrets today: yabeo has started its Impact Platform as second pillar of yabeo's overall investment strategy in December 2019.

We are invested in companies with a social and sustainable focus since 2013 before the term impact investment was common and social engagement was a buzzword. yabeo is known for its proactive investment approach and helped those companies to become small and medium businesses with revenues up to 20m €. The decisions to invest in companies like auticon, Pflegebox, Libify or Tapp were driven by different investment obstacles but had in common that all companies impact society issues of our time. From now on we have an investment platform that allows us to purely focus on companies who impact society, the environment and follow sustainable goals. 

With our latest investment in wegatech, a Munich based company focusing on green energy solutions by helping real estate owners to become an individual eco power house, we were able to enrich our impact portfolio and start our  yabeo Impact Investment platform

The structure of the platform is the same as the known structure of yabeo Venture Tech AG. While yabeo Venture Tech is well known for its early stage investments in FinTech, InsurTech, HealthTech and DeepTech companies, yabeo Impact will exclusively focus on sustainable and social companies and will become the second investment pillar of the yabeo group. All investments of the platform will be aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals formulated by the UN. 

Attached you find the press release of the platform and its investment in wegatech as well as some articles published in the Handelsblatt print and digital edition.

If your are interested in receiving further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.