yabeo invests in XTRAvision.ai
22 March 24
delivering innovative AI enabled solutions to patients and healthcare organizations

Healthcare has to cope with a limited number of healthcare professionals, increased need for efficiency and still limited healthcare access to many million people. Technology and especially AI can help build supporting tools for patients and healthcare professionals alike to contribute to solving the challenge. Patient screening and triage is a great application area in that quest.

“We are delighted to welcome Yabeo aboard our exciting journey towards internationalization and are thrilled to have an investor with such deep sector expertise and aligned vision This partnership empowers us to scale our innovative solutions and make a significant impact on healthcare delivery worldwide. Together, we’re paving the way for a future where quality care is within easy reach for everyone.”

Pierangelo Raiola

Co-Founder XTRAvision

XTRA is developing advanced AI-based technologies for the healthcare sector, particularly focusing on digital musculoskeletal (MSK) health and wellness applications.
MSK is a very large area that is underinvested and low pain injuries are an underserved market that can be drastically improved by leveraging frictionless, low cost diagnostic tools such as those developed by XTRA, supporting patients and healtcare providers.
The high volume of patients and variance of cases lead today to inefficiencies in current patient journeys (high friction, long wait times for visits) pushing patients to not seek professional treatment when they are experiencing low to medium pain.
The untreated low to medium pain conditions can result in severe conditions in the long- term leading to a costly treatment and therefore increasing healthcare costs.

“We are a strong believer in the explosive growth of AI applications enabling innovative services and solving problems for companies and the public alike. Healthcare is a sector that can benefit enormously from AI. As such we always look for founders who use the various AI technologies in a smart way to provide better or more efficient healthcare. We were impressed with XTRA's team and their very straightforward and smart approach and their success already is very promising. We look forward to supporting with our experience in scaling as well as our expertise in the healthtech sector.”

Dr. Heinrich Zetlmayer

General Partner Emerging Tech Fund

About XTRA Vision
Founded in 2021 by Pierangelo Raiola, Michelangelo Raiola and Ajay Naik, XTRA Vision AI revolutionizes MSK healthcare with AI technology. It offers a self-triage screening platform to providers, enhancing patient evaluation and streamlining care pathways. Features include the XTRA Screening Platform for quick patient guidance using computer vision, and the XTRA Conversational Patient Intake for tailored insights and self-guidance. Serving dozens of providers and covering over 550,000 lives, XTRA Vision AI aims to significantly improve access to MSK care.