yabeo invests into Fantix.ai, strong innovator in AI related data management services
13 March 24

Data has become a key enabler for artificial intelligence applications. Especially the quest for more and better data sources to train and enable machine learning and specialized models has created a gap in the market. Fantix trains AI models to fill gaps in customer and other data. Delivering personalized experiences without compromising consumer privacy requires a new approach to first-party data and predictive AI. Fantix has developed a data abstraction technology that allows sharing of first party data in a securer, cheaper / compliant way.

“Fantix is on an exciting mission to democratize access to AI innovation. We are thrilled about the support of yabeo. We have had a chance to get to know their strong team and they will play for sure a critical role in supporting our expansion in the European market. We welcome the opportunity to join their portfolio and to work closely with them on our strategic plans.”

explains Antonio Tomarchio

Founder & CEO of Fantix

“We are a strong believer in the explosive growth of AI applications enabling innovative services and solving problems for companies and the public alike. As such we always look for companies that enhance or fill gaps in the emerging AI infrastructure and were very impressed by Antonio and his team competence and savyness in a complex but critical segment to enable companies and institutions in a broader use of AI.”

adds Dr. Heinrich Zetlmayer

General Partner, yabeo Emerging Technology Fund

About Fantix:

Fantix is on an exciting mission to democratize access to AI innovation by a groundbreaking combination of federated machine learning and pre-trained generative AI models able to produce high quality, completely privacy safe synthetic data in a scalable and affordable way and with no complex data integrations. Our models can fuel analytics and machine learning applications across multiple use cases and for organizations of all sizes, including small and medium businesses who are today completely at a competitive disadvantage. Our goal is to become a hub of synthetic data models developed by Fantix but also by a network of partner AI developers that can leverage our massive federation of data and our federated learning framework. From predicting the right audiences for customers acquisition to retention strategies, from