High yield and longterm investments in real estate
Our investment focus
Innovative concepts in the residential sector

We use our salient experience to invest, with our (co)investors, in profitable, sustainable, and long-term-leased residential real estate with stable rental income in major German cities and their surrounding metropolitan areas.

In the long term, we create effective assets that keep growing, thereby giving investors access to attractive investment opportunities throughout Germany.

Sustainable commercial real estate as a future investment

We invest in future-proof, sustainable and performance-oriented commercial real estate in various risk classes from core to value-add at attractive commercial locations in Germany.

The focus here is on the sustainable development, assessment, and management of investment properties, and on creating high-quality, sustainable solutions from compelling assets.

Micro living as emerging trend

We also invest in co-living and micro-living units as emerging segments of the residential market, in sought-after and economically strong locations. This capital investment is a trend throughout Germany, as demand for such residential units is on a inexorable rise.

The focus here is on properties that offer high returns while also being energy-efficient, as well as cities with universities, successful companies, a high quality of life, or good transport/infrastructure connections.

Our Portfolio

Homes for our time - contemporary, sustainable construction

Lower energy costs, greater living comfort, and a valuable contribution to combating climate change are all good reasons to invest in energy efficiency. The key is to create living spaces that are in harmony with their environment. As part of the extensive refurbishment of our residential properties in Rosenheim, we systematically put energy standards and climate adaptations into practice, thus creating sustainable living space.

The sharing economy

In a world where many people can live and work remotely, micro-living is the optimal way to practice sustainable living and use resources efficiently. The student housing complex in Rosenheim boasts attractive shared facilities, a convenient location, and the use of climate-friendly energy sources, putting it in a highly sought-after and future-proof class of real estate.

Intelligent architecture – rarity in busy locations

Sustainability also means preserving existing assets and extending their useful life. Creative concepts make it possible to combine sustainable architecture with successful design in an outstanding way. The recently renovated showpiece property in a prime location on [the high-end island of] Sylt combines old and new: in this mixture of historic building and contrasting, contemporary structures, efficiency and sustainability were taken into account during the energy refurbishment.
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