We bring capital and experience to passionate venture tech founders
Our investment focus
Innovative business models

We invest in businesses that have the power to drive forward real change in their sectors

Seed, Series A or B

We start supporting companies at the Seed stage; Series A and B financing rounds are our sweet spot

European teams

We’re looking for great teams in Europe but will also selectively invest in other regions (USA, APAC)

Quality over quantity

We are highly selective and always optimize for quality instead of quantity

We invest in the early stages of companies that are transforming markets, creating value, and enhancing people’s lives through technology.

Our core investment categories






We unite like-minded stakeholders
Strong entrepreneurial DNA

We are entrepreneurs at heart and have a passion for innovative ideas and solutions

Networked fund investors

We are backed by investors who share their network and our vision of accelerating the startup ecosystem

Exceptional founder teams

We back passionate founders that understand their businesses like no other and seek to make a difference in the world

Venture Tech projects we’re proud of

We believe in the power of tech companies.
We partner with visionary founders and actively support them all along the way.