We invest in passionate tech founders for a better tomorrow
Our investment focus
Business Models with positive social or environmental impact

We invest in passionate founders who create a positive environmental and/or social impact with their business models. Our investment strategy is aligned with the UN Social Development Goals.

Innovative tech startups

We look for technology-driven business models that seek to trigger/achieve a transformation in their segment.

Sustainable for-profit companies

Highly scalable startups that generate a financial return as well as create an impact.

Seed, Series A or B

We invest in early-stage startups, from seed funding through to Series B rounds.

We invest in exceptional impact entrepreneurs who aim to combine impact with profit and to transform markets with innovative tech solutions.

Our core investment categories

CleanTech / ClimateTech

Circular Economy


Sustainable Finance




Pioneers in Impact Investing
Since 2013

yabeo recognized the importance of sustainable investing very early on: We have made investments in the impact sector since 2013, and have built / helped build startups that have, over the years, grown into globally successful SMEs.

Significant track record

yabeo's portfolio companies have already created significant impact, e.g. in the fields of inclusion and eldercare.

Relevant exits

We have already realized some very successful exits in the impact sector. These were our first investments in 2013 and 2014, which we supported very actively including a buy-and-build strategy.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We are entrepreneurs with a passion. We actively support our portfolio companies and give founders access to our unique network.

Impact projects we’re proud of

Impact achieved by our portfolio companies since their inception

thousand tons of Co2 emissions saved
tons of plastic waste avoided
million litres of water saved
million EUR saved for customers
thousand kWh of green power produced by our customers
We believe in the power of tech companies.
We partner with visionary founders and actively support them all along the way.