Rabot.Charge. The smart energy provider.
Sector: Impact
Founder: Jan Rabe; Maximilian Both
HQ in: Hamburg, Germany
Founded in: 2021
Invested in: 2022
Website: rabot-charge.de
Rabot Charge gives everybody the opportunity to control their own energy consumption in order to protect the environment and resources, while saving money.

The smart, market-based and proactive charging solution of batteries and therefore electric vehicles will make a cost-efficient energy- and mobility transformation possible.
With the app solution of RABOT Charge the electric car decides when it‘s best to be charged - based on the customer preferences. Green, fair and transparent.

“Dynamic tariffs allow consumers to actively benefit from low prices on the market. It also creates a sustainable power consumption, by shifting energy usage into times of low demand and a high share of renewables.”

Jan Rabe

CEO and Founder

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