Pionix E-Mobility powered by open source software
Sector: Impact
Founder: Dr. Marco Möller, Johanna Claussen, Benjamin Mosler, Cornelius Claussen
HQ in: Bad Schönborn, near Karlsruhe, Germany
Founded in: 2021
Invested in: 2023
Website: Pionix.com
PIONIX transforms the charging industry with an open source software solution developed and maintained by a growing community

PIONIX develops an operating system for EV chargers and is the leading open-source pioneer for EV charging technology in Europe. In 2021 PIONIX initiated EVerest, the first freely accessible and holistic software solution for the booming market of e-mobility.
The open-source software stack EVerest is the perfect solution to develop, optimize, and unify electric vehicle charging infrastructure. It is the answer to the incompatibility between different charging systems. The company supports its business customers to apply EVerest and customized it to their needs.
The company is headquartered in Bad Schönborn, Germany. Its customers include charging station manufacturers, component developers and energy utilities in Europe and North America and Asia.

“Our mission is to boost the development of the EV charging industry – to make it quicker, cost-efficient and more innovative.”

Dr. Marco Möller,


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