Award-winning technology delivering frictionless strong multi-factor authentication flows, with no risk to user privacy.
Sector: Information security
Founder: Andrea Carmignani; Fabian Eberle ; Paolo Gasti; Giuseppe Ateniese
HQ in: Rome, Italy
Founded in: 2018
Invested in: 2019
The super secure and user friendly biometric solution to authenticate services on the web.

Keyless zero-knowledge biometric solution eliminates the need to store biometric data, passwords and any other sensitive information.
Fraud and account takeovers are becoming more pervasive and costly to manage. Keyless combines privacy-preserving facial recognition, device verification, anti-spoofing, and liveness detection to make it impossible to compromise an account using compromised personal data, passwords, or OTPs – all while safeguarding user identity.

Keyless's Mission is to enable everyone to seamlessly access any digital service from any device, at any time, while keeping personal credentials safe, private and under control. With just a look.”

Andrea Carmignani

Co-Founder CEO

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