Dr.Dropin is building the future of primary care and specialized medicine.
Sector: Health Tech
Founder: Dr. Daniel Sørli, Kristoffer Ingebrigtsen, and Askeladden & Co
HQ in: Oslo, Norway
Founded in: 2017
Invested in: 2022
We want to make healthcare better, more affordable and available for everyone seeking medical attention

Dr.Dropin was founded in 2017. The company offers general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists, and psychologists at affordable prices with short waiting times. The company has 25 clinics in all major Norwegian cities and offers most of its services via secured digital solutions. The vision is to further develop the technology platform and international expansion of the business to other countries in the EU and worldwide.

“By developing and utilizing in-house technology we become one of the largest and most profitable private healthcare providers in Norway. We look forward to further expanding our services and providing everyone ranging from private individuals to public entities with modern and effective healthcare driven by the latest medical research and technology.”

Dr. Daniel Sørli

Founder Dr. Dropin

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