Self is a financial technology company with a mission to help people build credit.
Sector: Personal Finance
Founder: Conor Swanson, James Garvey
HQ in: Austin, US
Founded in: 2015
Invested in: 2022
Self Financial is a credit building platform working to increase economic inclusion and financial resilience through products that make building credit accessible.

With no hard credit check to get started, Self's signature credit builder products issued by its partner banks are designed to enable people to build credit and savings simultaneously. The company also offers rent and utility payment reporting through RentTrack and LevelCredit, which Self acquired in February 2022.

“A good credit score is a critical component of financial resilience, but historically you need credit to build credit. It’s a catch-22. By incorporating RentTrack products into Self, we will help our customers build credit in a unique way using existing rent and utility payments.”

James Garvey

Founder and CEO

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