Meetrics is dedicated to increasing the quality and transparency of digital marketing.
Sector: Software as a Service, Ad Verification
Founder: Philipp von Hilgers, Max von Hilgers, Hendrik Schumacher, Felix Badura, Michael Schiessl
HQ in: Berlin, Germany
Founded in: 2008
Invested in: 2012
More attention for adverts

The founders created Meetrics with a view to making the online advertising market more measurable and transparent, and providing clients with new insights into their advertising efforts. The company measures the visibility of display and video ads and calculates the viewability for each individual impression. Meetrics is the first European company to be certified by the Media Rating Council for the measurement of viewable impressions for display and video ads on the desktop and mobile web. As part of the renewal of its certification in 2017, Meetrics also received accreditation for the detection of General or Sophisticated Invalid Traffic on desktop and mobile web.

“The advertising possibilities on the internet are almost infinite. Our products deliver precise statements on visibility, advertising impact, target groups, and user behavior. There is also an increasing focus on the question of how content is received by users.”

Dr. Philipp von Hilgers

Co-Founder and CEO

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