Adhara provides liquidity management and international payment solutions.
Sector: Banking technology (wholesale)
Founder: Julio Faura, Edward Budd, Peter Munnings
HQ in: London, UK
Founded in: 2018
Invested in: 2021
Adhara helps to solve key issues related to inefficient payment processes

Julio, Pete and Ed spent many years in the financial industry and have had the opportunity to observe the inefficiencies that exist both within banking groups as well as when it comes to connecting banks in the market. While working at Santander, Julio focused heavily on technology-enabled innovation and activities around crypto-currencies, blockchain and distributed ledgers. Sensing the tremendous transformational potential that blockchain technology could have in the wholesale financial industry, Julio decided to “walk the talk” and leave Santander to found Adhara with his two co-founders. Adhara helps its clients to solve key issues related to inefficient payment processes and settlement cycles, which are often disconnected and result in high operational and financial costs related to the excessive and fragmented liquidity levels that are needed. Blockchain technology, smart contracts and tokenization of money in particular are powerful tools to make wholesale financial markets more efficient, secure and inclusive. Banks can reduce the levels of liquidity they need and conduct their payments operations in real time, with less errors and with increased security. Adhara’s solutions are for commercial banks including their corporate clients, central banks, exchanges and payment network operators.

“Adhara brings the blockchain revolution to banks, providing them with banking grade tools that help them transform their payments, Fx and liquidity management operations leveraging tokenization of money and CBDCs.”

Julio Faura

Co-Founder and CEO

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