Wellth is incentivizing medication adherence for better medical outcomes.
Sector: HealthTech
Founder: Matt Loper, Alec Zopf
HQ in: Long Island City, NY, USA
Founded in: 2014
Invested in: 2018
Website: wellthapp.com
It pays to be healthy

Wellth was designed in response to an eye-opening situation in the life of CEO Matthew Loper. When his aunt and uncle were both diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, Matt watched as they responded in two radically different ways. One was able to quickly and easily adjust their lifestyle to accommodate their diagnosis — they became zealous about taking their medications every day, watched their diet, and monitored their glucose. The other repeatedly fell off their care plan, no matter how hard they tried. The result? One now lives a healthy life while the other endured a lifetime of complications from the disease and ultimately passed away.

The question of how two people with the same condition and genetics can have two vastly different outcomes is at the heart of Wellth. Wellth leverages the science of behavioral economics to motivate members to increase care plan adherence. Our healthcare system assumes we make decisions based on what is best for us. But it’s not that simple. Everyday stressors often cloud our judgement as to what’s best in the long run. For people with chronic conditions, this can make it very difficult to form healthy habits. 

“Wellth’s mission is to constantly work with the people who need the most help because that’s where they can have the biggest impact for their partners and their members.”

Matt Loper, Alec Zopf


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