Wegatech is building a “Green Energy Platform” for homeowners.
Sector: CleanTech
Founder: Karl Dienst
HQ in: Cologne, Germany
Founded in: 2011
Invested in: 2019
Website: wegatech.de
Wegatech is building a Green Energy Platform that allows customers to put together bespoke energy solutions for their home

Within minutes, various components can be combined to create an individual solution. These include photovoltaic systems, electricity storage, charging columns, and heat pumps. The projects are implemented with the help of a Germany-wide network of craftsmen. The company was founded in 2011 by Karl Dienst

“Our mission is to provide every home owner with the opportunity to transform his or her house into a eco-friendly power plant. Together with our customers, we want to play a significant role in the energy and heat transition.”

Andreas Durth


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Köln, Deutschland
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