Brickwise makes real estate investing accessible to everyone.
Sector: PropTech
Founder: Michael Murg, Marco Neumayer, Valentin Perkonigg, Klaus Pateter
HQ in: Vienna, Austria
Founded in: 2019
Invested in: 2021
With Brickwise making real estate investments is as easy as online shopping

The real estate market is the world's largest asset class but there are still relatively few real estate investors. However, that's not because people don't want to invest in real estate. On the contrary: an unbelievable number of people would like to make an investment but hardly anyone dares because the real estate market is too complex, costly and time-consuming.
Real estate investments should be easily accessible for everyone at any time and that's why Michael, Marco, Valentin and Klaus founded Brickwise. By using new technologies, the company digitizes classic, direct real estate investments and their entire trading infrastructure thereby creating a liquid, transparent and efficient real estate market on which real estate investments are easily accessible and tradable for everyone.

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