As a digital insurance company, Coya rethinks insurance from the ground up.
Sector: InsureTech
Founder: Andrew Shaw, also Dr. Peter Hagen and Sebastián Villarroe
HQ in: Berlin, Germany
Founded in: 2018
Invested in: 2019
Not just insurance. Protecting people, pets & planet

COYA is a digital insurance company that specializes in transparent products at low prices as well as flexibility, personal advice, and 24/7 accessibility. The property insurer “COYA” was created, named after a South American queen. She was responsible for protecting her people in times of need, was considered the smartest and most beautiful of her people, and spoke directly to the people – unlike the king, who let others speak on his behalf. All of which vividly describes the vast difference between the company founded in 2018 and the traditional insurance industry

“Why shouldn’t I be able to insure my snowboard only for the time when it is actually being used? Why isn’t anyone using the technical possibilities of smartphones and social media to propose such an offer to the customer at the moment they need it?”

Andrew Shaw


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