Reimagining email for web3
Sector: Web3 Communication and Advertisement
Founder: Shant Kevonian, Gerald Heydenreich
HQ in: Vaduz and Barcelona
Founded in: 2021
Invested in: 2022
You can't kill email.
That’s why we brought it over to Web3!

EtherMail is building the bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0 via email, bringing full inbox ownership, control, and sovereignty back to users. Our vision is to redefine digital messaging by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into email protocols, empowering businesses and individuals to communicate more effectively, incentivizing user engagement via consensual marketing powered by artificial intelligence and ensuring data privacy.

“At EtherMail, our conviction is that embracing the transformative potential of web3 technologies on a large scale requires the integration of familiar technologies. This is precisely why, at EtherMail, we are reimagining email, constructing the bridge from web2 to web3, and taking the lead in driving this development.”

Shant Kevonian

Founder & CEO

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