Developer of an AI-based network created to decentralize workflow and data sharing within the property industry.
Sector: PropTech
Founder: Dan Salmons, John Reynolds; Sanj Bulsara
HQ in: London, UK
Founded in: 2018
Invested in: 2020
We enable real-time information sharing over a secure network.

The Coadjute network acts as a backbone for the property market, enabling the key parties in the property transaction to find, use and share data seamlessly.
Coadjutes’ technology works behind the scenes to connect the systems property players already use, enabling everyone to see the same information, at the same time, and work together to achieve the same goals.

Coadjute is a digital backbone for the property market, transforming the speed and ease of property transactions for professionals and their customers. Our aim is simple: to make the property market better for everyone.”

Dan Salamons

CEO and Co-Founder

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