LevelCredit is on a mission to help you get the credit you deserve.
Sector: FinTech / PropTech
Founder: Matthew Briggs
HQ in: St. Luis Park, MN, CA, USA
Founded in: 2013
Invested in: 2017
Website: levelcredit.com
Get the credit you deserve

LevelCredit is a pioneer in the rent reporting industry, because they believe that every tenant deserves credit for paying one of their largest monthly expenditures on time, every time. As the first rent reporter to build relationships with all three major credit bureaus, LevelCredit is paving the way to make rent reporting the norm on every tenant’s credit history—empowering them to make their financial goals a reality. 

“There are 45 million Americans who do not have a credit score or have a thin credit file. Traditional credit-score models focus on evaluating debt accounts. It’s time that we leveled the credit playing field for every consumer by reporting data to the credit reporting agencies that goes beyond what’s in a credit score today.”

Matthew Briggs

Founder and CEO

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