Dr. Gerrit Seidel
General Partner and Managing Director

Meet Gerrit

Dr. Gerrit Seidel has served as Managing Director and Partner of yabeo Capital GmbH since January 2016. It all began at the strategy and technology consultancy Arthur D. Little, where he was most recently Managing Director for Germany & Central Europe and responsible for the Financial Services business worldwide. After 16 years, he left to become CCO of the listed company Xchanging Ltd. (UK), where among other things he served as Managing Director of the fund custodian bank and the Xchanging transaction bank. Having developed a passion for digitalization, he was hired by the Reimann Investors family office, sank his roots into the FinTech industry and became CEO of SOFORT AG and SOFORT BANK as well as Senior VP at Klarna A.B. in Sweden. Gerrit has a large network in FinTech and eCommerce and now uses his wealth of experience to support startups. Gerrit has a soft spot for Tyrolean wooden farmhouses and likes to relax with his dog in the mountains, or by playing sports.
The Interview
What makes your job so exciting?

The unique combination of many dimensions required to create one thing: value. This includes selecting the right startups to invest in; working successfully with the founding teams; guiding growth without going overboard; leveraging networks to deliver help exactly as needed; understanding technology, regulation and competition in the different markets and segments; strong fundraising dynamics; successfully orchestrating the exit; and working as a team including constant learning: there’s something new every day.

You are a father (of four): What have you learned from your kids about the technology transformation?

It is becoming ever faster, more fundamental, more multifaceted, as are its applications and options. Likewise, my children are exploring it playfully in their own individual and varied ways, which also includes a return to things from earlier times, like reaching for a book. It’s fairly clear that none of them will make the trip to a bank branch or an insurance broker in the future, although one thing is certain: teaching matters of the heart requires more than technology.

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