Susanne Ziegler
Investor Relations

Meet Susanne – The heart and backbone of yabeo

Before joining yabeo, she worked for Holtzbrinck Digital as executive assistant to the CEO. Susanne is the embodiment of a “people person,” thriving on the work she carries out with each individual team member on her varied remit. In her spare time, she loves meeting up with friends and family – preferably in the great outdoors – and spending quality time with her 13-year-old daughter in and around Munich.
The Interview
What do you find most inspiring about your work?

I love how varied my work is – I never ever get bored – and the fact that each day is a completely different adventure. I’m truly inspired, however, by the team I get to work with. There’s such an amazing team spirit! And that’s what truly makes me look forward to heading into work every morning.

Thinking back to when you were your daughter’s age, which of today’s technological achievements would you have wished for then?

Definitely music streaming services – I would have loved the chance to have all my favorite music at my fingertips. It would have saved me hours of waiting for the top-of-the-charts radio show every Sunday night, with my finger poised over the recording button of the cassette player – along with the frustration of never quite getting it quite right or having the presenter talk over the song!

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