Lisa Gibis
Investment Managerin Real Estate

Meet Lisa

Lisa has worked as a Real Estate Analyst at yabeo since November 2020. Together with Matthias Sohler, she looks after and manages the real estate portfolio of yabeo Real Estate GmbH. She gained her knowledge in the real estate sector in 6 years of professional experience at PlanetHome AG in Munich, where she was primarily involved in property management, administration, and maintenance as well as handling and supporting project management as part of real estate transactions. She also served as a contact person for brokers, partners and customers. In addition to her commercial training, Lisa has a degree in business administration (Bachelor Professional of Business ICC). Lisa enjoys spending time with her loved ones, and is passionate about traveling and learning about new countries and their cultures.
The Interview
What do you love most about your work?

My diverse and exciting field of activity means that I am regularly confronted with new situations, which makes my job very varied. In the search for profitable and sustainable investments, it is our task to expand, optimize and profitably use existing processes and instruments. On the one hand, this requires adaptability and patience, and on the other, it offers a huge learning curve as well as a sense of achievement, which leads to enormous motivation and perseverance. The challenges allow me to gain new experiences daily and further my personal and professional development, and I really enjoy finding the best possible solution for everything.

Which entrepreneur would you like to meet for a coffee sometime?

Sara Blakely, founder of the Spanx brand, started her business with just $5,000. She wanted a slimmer silhouette under her dresses, and when there was no suitable product, she just made it herself. She believed in herself and her vision. She managed to make her product idea a reality with a minimal budget, and she did it with tremendous perseverance, ambition, and most importantly, creativity and charm. She never lost faith in herself and her product; that’s what inspires and fascinates me about her.

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