The combination of emerging technologies will provide an explosive mix for business innovation bringing great opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike.
Our Investment Focus
We focus on the application of emerging technologies
Artificial Intelligence

Advances in AI made it the technology with biggest potential for advancing human productivity. It will act also as strong catalysator for other innovations and presents fast pacing opportunities.

Web 3.0 & Blockchain

Web 3.0 has the potential to break monopolies, give power back to users and unleash a wave of innovation to create better products and make the world a better place. Blockchain technology continues to transform financial and other transactional processes.


Further automation and decentralization, combined with the future quantum computing and ever new threats will require new approaches to cybersecurity which in itself is innovated by AI and other technologies.

B2B SaaS

We believe in B2B SaaS business models offering best risk/reward profiles, especially in Europe.

Passion for supporting the emerging technology leaders of tomorrow

Emerging Tech Fund

Blockchain Investment Opportunities Note

Emerging Leader 1

Digital Assets- AMC

Co-Investment & Syndication

We have a proven approach to spot emerging technology applications at inflection point
We have been investing and helping to build blockchain based business applications since 2018 and other emerging technologies before
We have codified a clear and repeatable framework to identify emerging technologies at inflection point
Investing early, even pre-revenue and doubling down on winners is our tested recipe to minimize risk and maximize returns
We predominantly back European teams embracing B2B models (direct to enterprise / SaaS)
Our expert network on emerging technologies is second to none

Emerging Tech projects we’re proud of

We believe in the power of tech companies.
We partner with visionary founders and actively support them all along the way.